Once again it’s a compelling original painting from local artist, author and songwriter Dennis McGregor.

McGregor says: ”The title is “Ripples”… Sisters Folk Festival loves songwriters. Since its earliest years, the festival has provided an extraordinary opportunity for those who are interested in the craft. The Americana Song Academy found a home at Caldera on the banks of Blue Lake 18 years ago. Since the program was launched, many people have had life-changing experiences there. Word of the experience spread and the “ripple effect” continues to this day.”

In this year’s poster, Dennis painted “a nod” to “song camp”. On these crystal, spring-fed waters a solitary figure pauses from life’s routine and basks in a moment of inspiration. The canoe isn’t moving, but it’s definitely going somewhere. Ask any of the hundreds of song-campers whose lives have experienced the ripple effect! The image of a person in a canoe on a lake conjures up simpler times of reflection and inspiration, similar to what folks experience at the Americana Song Academy held at Caldera each year, the week before the festival.

The final poster will have all 40+ acts.