Texan-raised, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Beth Wood has won almost every major songwriting competition in the United States, and with 20 years of touring and 11 studio albums under her belt, she’s done. With anything that doesn’t bring her joy. So she’s added publishing poetry now, and tortilla making and teaching songwriting and poetry to pass the torch of music for music’s sake. Beth’s mission is to communicate and share the joy she feels through singing – through music as a spiritual practice. When you see her live you’ll taste this, and you’ll understand why Beth has long been one of the most beloved singer-songwriters in the industry.

Appalachia-raised, Washington-based Ara Lee James is a singer, poet, and truth-teller with an unmistakable sound, commanding presence, and a voice that will leave you speechless. Ara has been singing professionally for over 20 years as an award-winning soloist, studio vocalist, and songwriter (formerly Ara Lee). Rooted in the traditions of gospel and deep South soul, Ara holds court on stage like a modern-day mystic. When you see her live you’ll wonder what just happened to you, and you will understand why Beth grabbed her after a show and said “We have to work together.”

As a duo, Wood and James push the boundaries of soul and folk music and attempt to break down the walls that have separated the worlds of music and poetry. Wood and James Stand and Sway. The two also sit down and cry when it’s tough, laugh when it’s useless, and sing really loud often. They also have a passion for teaching and mentoring, and they lead workshops in conjunction with their tours to help people uncover their musical selves. Stand and Sway’s upcoming album, “DEEP BLUE”, set to be released in summer of 2019, takes soul, folk, spoken word, gospel, and Americana, shakes them around in a basket of harmony, and makes what Wood and James affectionately call “grown-out-roots-music.”

What began as a collaboration on the anthem “Nasty Woman” has evolved into its own beautiful thing – Stand and Sway: a meeting of minds, voices, and spirits. Wood and James’s distinct, ceiling-shattering voices stand strong on their own, and together they create magic everywhere they go.

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OUR TURNING YEAR written and performed by Beth Wood

Thanksgiving Day Prayer poem by Beth Wood

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