MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM62

Beauty in Turmoil and Calm

Estimated Value:$595

byChris Nelson

Original Oil - 25.25" x 22.5" including frame

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"This painting shows the power of beauty surrounding the Sisters. When I look out over the mountains I feel something bigger and more powerful than we are. I see in the atmosphere, an encompassing wind of good bringing in a feeling that lets us reset. How lucky we are to be in the presence of such beauty in both harsh and calm times."

Artist Statement: "I am an artist, picture framer and a shop owner in Sisters. I hope my oil paintings convey an atmosphere, a feeling along with an image. I work with a combination of pencil, oil paint, and oil paint stick. My goal is to create a space that draws the viewer in and evokes a memory or a feeling rather than a concentration on detail."


  Instagram:  wildflowerstudioframing