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MOTH 2020 Auction ITEM 98

Botanical Dish Set

Estimated Value: $1,000

by Laura Campbell & Maren Burck

Laura Campbell & Maren Burck Social

Porcelain - Set of 6 items each: 10" plates, 7" plates, bowls, 10 oz. cup

Maren and Laura draw off classic blue and white pottery making each collaboration their own, giving it a new and unique voice. Laura is the potter and Maren is the painter. The porcelain dish set they are donating is hand formed and thrown and then painted with a blue underglaze with beautiful botanical designs. This set is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Artist Statement:

Maren and Laura both grew up in Sisters and are alumni of Sisters High School. Both went through the art program in Sisters and have pursued careers as artists. They love living in their hometown and being able to give back to the programs that helped form them into the artists that we are. About 4 years ago, Maren and Laura had a fun idea of making a few pieces of pottery together, which has grown and turned into a wonderful collaboration. This is the first year of My Own Two Hands that they have donated a piece together. This excites them as it supports the idea of community and working together.

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