MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM57

Box at 7°

Estimated Value:$250

byTim Leigh

Original Wooden Box - 16" x 9" x 5"

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This box was handmade by Mike and Tim Leigh, two brothers and Oregon natives for whom use of tools and crafting of wood is the culmination of long lives spent learning how things work...and why. We call the box a rustic because in the main in was built from boards resawn from swamp stumps and firewood, and when finished honored value's gleams in the simplest of things. Like us, it makes no claims or judgements, yet demonstrates respect for life on earth. It is our gift to you.

"This box is unusual in that all joinery is done at 7 degrees. I’ve never tried this before but believed the result would be good. It is. The box walls lean into each other, creating a look like the imperial palace in Beijing. Four woods used, including a solid walnut top. For use in storing small treasures, or just as an art piece."

Artist Statement: "I make rustic boxes from hardwood. Each is an exercise in faith, because I have minimal plans in the beginning. There are no repeats or copies. Each piece emerges as the wood and my craft allow."