MOTH 2022 Auction ITEM 049


Estimated Value: $600

by Erika Eckert

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Original Dyed Velvet - 40" x 30"

For this year's theme of Moving Beyond, I envisioned all of us reemerging from our isolation and seeing each others' full faces again. When I visit the coast, I always put my wishes into the ocean as it's powerful. I thought of a sun rising through water and sky providing us all with renewal. Emerging is what came out of my previous experiences and a wish that has been granted - our freedom to once again gather together and enjoy and grow.


Artist Statement:

Erika and her family lived part time in Sisters prior to relocating permanently a few years ago. An Oregon native, Erika resided in Seattle for 25 years raising a family and creating art. In those years, Erika’s work was featured and sold in more than a dozen shows, and has been exhibited throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound. Her ability to capture nature, emotions and imagination has been well received for being accessible, fun and enlightening.

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