MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM06

If you choose hope, much is possible. Remember, hope is deeper than Crater Lake

Estimated Value:$600

byKaren Kassy

Original Raku Pottery -  Each panel approx. 9" x 15"

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"These 3 pieces of raku pottery came hot out of the kiln at 2000 degrees. Plunged into combustible material, they didn't break. They are resilient. My favorite definition of Raku is "Serendipity through Fire" which means no two pieces are alike. Just like people: no two are alike and they can all find their unique strength, hope and resilience. I often use local plants, found feathers, rocks, and more to indent into the pottery so that those pieces of nature live on. Crater Lake is a magical place and it has its own Wizard Island! I loved bringing its image to life in this pottery tryptic. The title of this piece is a nod to Christopher Reeve quote."  

  Artist Statement: I love living in the paradise of people and beauty that is Sisters, Oregon and enjoying our beautiful state -- including Crater Lake. Anyone can be an artist. Why not you? Set your intention, find your passion, and make things. The world needs your beauty coming through your art. Persistence is the key to building a skill; "talent" is perhaps a myth.