MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM51

Lake Presence

Estimated Value:$200

byBeverly Warren-Leigh

Original Pastel on 600-grit sandpaper - 16" x 20" with frame

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"Often in summer, rising air off of the lake produces cumulus clouds that come up behind the mountains. They look ominous and seem to suggest an impending storm, but usually by afternoon they have settled down and contribute to a beautiful sunset! This artwork is about the beauty that can be found in big things we can't control, in the range of possibilities that exist, and that fear is not always justified. This landscape painting was created from my studio above Flathead Lake during quarantine in the summer of 2020."

Artist Statement: "I was born in Montana, grew up in Oregon, and return to Montana every summer to paint. I am drawn to rawness of nature that I remember there as a child. With every painting, I attempt to learn more about the interplay of light in the shapes of the clouds, crystal clear water, and mountains, and to make a connection with nature through describing what I see and how it makes me feel."