MOTH 2022 Auction ITEM 038

Moving Within

Estimated Value: $4200

by Jan Hansson

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Black Walnut Sculpture - 19" x 40" x 29"

When I saw the title "moving beyond" I reflected on the different meanings that it might have. What was interesting to me is that one way to move beyond is to go within, which requires a transformation of the mind. Therefore I chose the butterflies which represents transformation in my own beliefs and also in many cultures. The configuration emphasizes the theme of "moving beyond." One can soar or get sucked into the turmoil and the downdraft. On a journey there are plenty opportunities to make decisions and find a way to soar like the butterfly.


Artist Statement:

Born and raised in Sweden, I am inspired by the clean lines of Scandinavian design. Less can often tell you more. I hope to inspire people to look beyond the sculpture itself.

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