MOTH 2022 Auction ITEM 023

Mystery in the Unknown

Estimated Value: $275

by Linda Wolff

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Original Tissue Paper Collage - 24" x 20"

The colors and textures in this piece, "Mystery in the Unknown," moved me beyond all my previously familiar and comfortable landscapes. Moving from bright colors into these darker and more muted tones and into layers of mountains and ridges with hidden animals and ponds was an intentional stretch outside my comfort zone.


Artist Statement:

I love creating and exploring new methods and media and have been blessed with very talented and inspiring teachers. I started creating tissue paper collages 9 years ago in Sedona AZ. I have always loved color and I found the process of turning white tissue paper into colorful collage paper fascinating. I welcome the open ended creativity involved in beginning a piece and not knowing how the landscape will unfold and how each water color sky will be different.


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