MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM52

Pandora’s Box

Estimated Value:$80

byMichele Sanders

Original - Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil - 11" x 14" plus matte & frame

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"I have drawn hands, holding a jewel box that is slightly open. A bright light is coming out of the opening. This symbolizes the hope in Pandora's box. The hands and the box are being shoved through a blackness. Hope comes through the blackness of the ills of the world."

Artist Statement: "I have not been able to draw in maybe 30 years, except perhaps a drawing of a pair of high-heeled shoes that was given to a friend as a birthday gift. I seemed to have lost any talent I might have had. As a person in their 20's, I did pen and ink drawings and entered at least one art show for fun. Given this last year with COVID and the issues in this country and around the world, the theme of this year's MOTH just struck home. I got an idea and have tried to share it."