MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM68

Sisters Cradle

Estimated Value:$595

byKenneth Scott

Original Metal Wall Sculpture - 36"W x 21"H

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  Materials Used: High quality steel (approx. 1/8 inch in thickness) that has either been treated with heat or various oxidizing agents to bring out the natural colors inherent in the metal. Brass and copper plating may also be used for certain scenes... Grinding, polishing, and burnishing also create various highlights and tones. Each of these sculptures is crafted by hand... Oxygen/Acetylene, thermal-arc cutting torches, welding processes and grinders are all part of creating the finished product. Incandescent lighting brings out colors not seen with daylight or a fluorescent source. The wall should be light enough to contrast the colors in the sculpture. Displaying outside is not recommended unless a rust finish is desired.  

  Artist Statement: "Metal Sculpting is not a casual experience. It is like working in a metal scrap yard with hard hats and torches... dodging sparks, and cooling quenched fingers all day long. And usually every project reaches a point that seems more like a pile of scrap than what you had hoped for. To succeed you have to stay with it... not to a point of perfection necessarily, but at least until both the artist and the project reaches a certain standard. That standard grows with an artist's experiences. With metals, the sky is the limit... literally. Skyscrapers, ocean liners, pocket watches. And whether the design is geometric or organic, it's all possible! Accomplishment is what I long for. Design is what I enjoy most. Architecture and Landscape provide an opportunity for fulfillment in that area for me. Metals, as a medium, suits my temperament and my character... sensitive and aggressive... a good combination of character traits for the role of sculptor."