MOTH 2020 Auction ITEM 77

Stepping Into Light

Estimated Value: $650

by Wendy Birnbaum and Susie Zeitner


Mixed Media: Photograph, Rusted Metal, Fused Glass - 24" x 19"

This lone horse saunters into the illumination of new day's sun radiating through the oak trees of the Central California mountains. The photograph is printed on glossy metal, enhancing the sun's golden glow. Glass frit caused the leaves to shimmer. A rusted metal mounting frames the piece.

Artist Statement:

Susie Zeitner is a master glass artisan, creator, and designer. She also paints and sculpts exquisite portraits of horses and Native Americans on and with glass. Wendy creates images and stories with her photography. The two artists collaborated their talents for this creation. They received the People's Choice Award in the 2018 Sisters Library Art Exhibit for a similar collaboration piece. Just this year Wendy received the same award for her horse photograph.