MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM58

Targeting Hope

Estimated Value:$400

byErika Eckert

Original Velvet & Dye - 30" x 24" x 1.5"

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This painting is about optimism, gathering, and more social time. The melting of colors and forms symbolizes different perspectives coming together to target hope.

Artist Statement: Erika and her family have lived part time in Sisters prior to relocating two years ago from Seattle. An Oregon native, Erika resided in Seattle for 25 years, raising a family and creating art. In those years, Erika's work was featured and sold in more than a dozen shows, and has been exhibited throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound. Her ability to capture nature, emotions, and imagination has been well received for being accessible, fun and enlightening. Erika completed her degree from Pacific Lutheran University while attending Lorenzo di Medici in Florence Italy and creating art over 4 years in Copenhagen Denmark. Erika completed her studies in Fiber Arts at the University of Washington. Erika fuses her knowledge of painting, fabric and silk screening to expertly create wall hangings and paintings. Her latest work blends her rigorous classic art training with her desire to create lightness and whimsy for those who experience them. Erika is currently crafting a new series of her fabric art, optimistically looking toward our future, and hoping you find enjoyment and peace in her work.