MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM41

The Richness of Life

Estimated Value:$550

byVictoria Lee Shepard

Original Mixed Media - 28" W x 42" H x 3" D

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If painting were an exercise metaphor, sand painting would be an extreme sport. It demands fearless abandon of everything you have been taught. Previous works began with sketches and color choices. Plans were made -- and then -- fulfilled. When you find yourself ankle deep in sand and water, you realize no plan will work. It is a visceral experience, physically connecting earth, water, wind and sky. Creation comes with complete release of expectation. Every toss of sand or drop of water evolves into shapes and dimensions of irregular size. Holding hope, only you decide when it is right.

Artist Statement: "My sand paintings begin on the beach in Oregon. The goal is to create something abstract--to improvise without thinking. The process begins by submerging the canvas is water, allowing sand to adhere to the surface. Back in the studio color is added. The sand -forms reveal a theme: the ongoing tension between the power of humankind and the forces of nature. Each image reveals a story, event, or impression of that theme. I paint because it is the one thing I do in my life that enables me to feel totally alone. This solitude brings me closer to my essence than any other personal act."