MOTH 2022 Auction ITEM 025

Tumalo Falls

Estimated Value: $400

by Karen Grace Kassy

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Original Raku - 8.5" x 17" x 1"

Tumalo Falls reminds us waterfalls are simply individual drops of water moving forward. One of the native meanings of “Tumalo” is water going around rocks. This has been a rocky time for many, and as we each move forward, around obstacles, or persistently wearing them away, we can take inspiration from the drops forming a waterfall, creating one of the most powerful forces in nature, moving beyond.


Artist Statement:

My two favorite definitions of raku pottery are "serendipity by fire" and "happy accident." When I take a piece out of the 2000-degree kiln, plunge it into combustibles to catch fire, I never know if it will survive -- and what delightful surprise the glaze and piece will uniquely offer. What survives is strong, resilient and beautiful.

Gallery Representation: Dixie's & Oliver Lemons

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