MOTH 2022 Auction ITEM074

Warm Hearts

Estimated Value: $150

by Lori Chase

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Mittens & Hat - 5" x 10" x 2" Hat - 11" x 6.5" x 3"

The hat and mittens are made from recycled sweaters made of cashmere, merino wool, lambs wool/cashmere wool blend and antique glass buttons. As we Move Beyond our worldly or daily challenges, may we remember to stop and warm the hearts of others on our journey through life. May we always stop to think how we can touch someone to bring them some joy and laughter. May our focus not be on judging others, but to help lift their spirits and give them hope. One random act of kindness daily will warm others’ hearts to bring them joy and hope to Move Beyond for even just that moment.


Artist Statement:

My recycled wool sweater items are made exclusively for donations and gifts. My dad was a fine woodworker and in his retirement he made beautiful wooden pieces and gifted and donated them to charity. It was his way of contributing during his retirement. He was my role model and inspired me to do the same. I began the art of making recycled wool mittens in Fairbanks, Alaska, our home of 35 years. After moving to Sisters 9 years ago, I realized that it is cold here also so I continued making wool mittens and expanded to wool hats to keep my friends warm and to be able to contribute to charities in Sisters.

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