MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM44

We’re All Connected

Estimated Value:$1250

bySusan Cobb

Original Quilt - 87" W x 68" L

100% of the proceeds from this quilt's sale will go to the Sisters High School Jazz Choir program;

NOT eligible for Auction Raffle Credit

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"The African batiks were found in the local Habitat store and likely were there because they were stiff with wax. One form of batiking is to use wax on fabric where one does not want the color dye to modify the fabric color. The three African batiks were waxed and dyed at least twice to get the color variances. Then the wax is removed through a heating process but, unfortunately, not on these three batiks. The wax had to be removed to use these batiks for quilting. I used unprinted newsprint to envelope the batiks while applying a hot iron to them. The wax would melt into the top and bottom layers of paper as I ironed. I did this about 13 times for each batik and then stopped counting. Went through a lot of paper to get all the wax out. I knew I wanted to highlight the figures in the African batiks and so drew up a design on some grid paper having them descend from left to right down the quilt top. Knowing it might be more interesting to have five batiks for one's eye to wander over the quilt, I hopped over to the Stitchin' Post to secure a bit of the bird batik fabric. On another venture to the Habitat Thrift Store, I had found the unusual Japanese linen that is the pale beige, mauve and melon. These fabrics complemented the African batiks nicely. I loved the African Batik for the story of connection with life that the images portray. It is disconcerting how life today pulls us from nature and from each other due to how busy, distracted and, in some cases, lost, humans have become. We need to reconnect with humanity, with other life and to renew our relationships with nature. These thoughts caused me to want to connect the people and birds across the quilt top and into and out of the quilt. Thus, the connecting lines reach out to the viewer and back to the image. Yes, we are all connected - we just need to act like it."

Artist Statement: "I love making quilts because it is a creative process and completed, is usable. Since 2008, I have made over 150 quilts. Initially, I gave them to family and friends then began entering the Sisters’ Outdoor Quilt Shows and on to other shows over the years. I am inspired by four things mainly; the fabric itself, a class challenge, a personal challenge, or an issue/concern. As an example, We’re All Connected – it was the African Batiks that inspired the start of the project and my concerns about the divisions of our citizens that promoted the quilt top design."