MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM21

We’re All In This Together

Estimated Value:$1500

byArt Blumenkron & Steve Mathews

Original Big Leaf Maple and Walnut with Colored Pencil Artwork - 14" W x 40" L x 30" H

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This is a live edge maple hall table with claro walnut legs. Both the maple and walnut are urban salvage from Oregon, milled in Portland and saved from the chipper. The table was made in Sisters at Sisters Fine Woodworking (Arthur Blumenkron) and the amazing artwork was done by Sisters Artist Steve Mathews. The table is a statement about the beauty of nature and the hope that we can save it for generations to come.

Artist Statement: "Steve and I have similar views towards nature and like to express them with live edge salvage slabs and colored illustrations. Making a beautiful, useful piece of furniture that makes people smile is a worthy goal." - Arthur Blumenkron  

  Website:  Steve Mathews

Instagram: sisters_fine_woodworking