MOTH 2021 Auction ITEM73

Whychus Creek

Estimated Value:$1,800

byKathy Deggendorfer

Original Watercolor & Acrylic - 14" x 22"

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"I am inspired by the land that surrounds me and sustains my hope for the future. This image is from a series I have been working on since last July. It's central focus is of the section of Whychus Creek that flows past my studio just outside of Sisters. These waters sustain our natural environment and the wildlife that is abundant in this area. Water brings life and with it the spirit of hopefulness for a bright future."

  Artist Statement: "I'm self taught. I am inspired by my surrounding landscapes. I think it is our duty as citizens to support great organizations like SFF and My Own Two Hands as our part in making this a great place to live and raise our kids."



  Framing Sponsor: Wildflower Studio