MOTH 2022 Auction ITEM 070

Wild And Free

Estimated Value: $650

by Courtney Parker

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*Americana Folk Award*

Original Pencil Drawing - 23" x 19"

When I was pondering what to do for this year's donation, the buffalo kept coming to my mind. I looked a little deeper into this majestic creature and learned that the buffalo symbolizes "strength and unity." How appropriate for the times we are living in. I knew this is what I had to create. So let us continue "Moving Beyond" from these past couple years with our own individual "strengths" and "unity" while coming together, only looking ahead and not behind.


Artist Statement:

I love everything My Own Two Hands stands for. It's always an absolute pleasure as well as an honor to share my art for such an incredible cause. My preferred medium is pencil. I also do colored pencil portraits and just recently have tried my hand at pastels. I have 3 children. My two sons graduated from Sisters High School and my daughter is a freshman in Sisters. I know first hand how important it is for our children to be exposed to the music and art programs. It's essential for growth and development in my opinion and it makes me so happy to be apart of this amazing program.

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