MOTH 2020 Auction ITEM119

Youthful Thinking

Estimated Value:$300

byAnna Mensing

Anna is a student in the Americana Project art class at Sisters High School.

In celebration of “A New Dawn,” I took inspiration from the ever-impressive minds of today’s youth as a representation of innocence, creativity and hopefulness. In alignment with this year’s theme, I hope this piece empowers a new dawn of youthful thinking by illustrating what young minds have to offer if we choose to encourage them.

Artist Statement:

Creativity will never be far from my thoughts, and a paint brush will never be far from my hand. As a student artist, I can only hope to seize the opportunities that lay in front of me by filling them with my impression of beauty and the life around me. I thrive on being able to create, and hope in doing so I can inspire others to pursue their talents.

Youthful Thinking