This show can be viewed at the Cindy and Duncan Campbell Gallery located inside the Sisters Art Works Building, 204 W. Adams Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759.

Sisters High School AP Portfolio Showcase and Scholastic Art Awards

This showcases the bodies of works the AP (Advanced Placement) students have been working on all year in the Sustained Investigation of their choice. Students have to research, plan, experiment, create, and revise throughout the process. In addition we are highlighting the works of students who won Oregon Scholastic Art Awards this year!

AP Artists Featured:

Sidney Sillers

Lexie Miller

Marieke Jeffrey

Anya Shockley

Brynn Beaver

Bailey Knirk

Araiya Grummer

Scholastic Artists Featured:

Brooke Blakelock

Brooklyn Liddell

Anya Shockley

Charlotte Seymour

Angelina Chistensen

Katie Ryan

Erik Ryan

Mary Lapray

Daisy Draper

Layla Hicks

Kaleb Woods

Lilly Sundstrom 

Dominc Martinez

Kiana Mendoza

Hollie Lewis

Araiya Grummer, Oval

Araiya Grummer, Three Heads

Bo Beaver, Nighttime

Bo Beaver, If I’m Not Yours