This show can be viewed at the Cindy and Duncan Campbell Gallery located inside the Sisters Art Works Building, 204 W. Adams Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759.

Life After
June Park

We lament the end of all things as the end and forget that endings are also new beginnings. It’s so easy to see destruction and chaos and assume all is lost. But if we look closer, life continues, new life appears, and sometimes things must be cleared for new growth and new perspectives to happen. Shifting to see the fine details can help us shift our perspective that all isn’t lost.

Artist statement

My artwork focuses on challenging, shifting, and deconstructing mainstream narratives and stereotypes about nature, life and death, and the multitude of identities we each hold by invoking visuals through the lens of my experiences as a rural American, Korean immigrant, and non-binary queer.

Using a variety of mediums and techniques to fit each body of work, I use imaginative storytelling to evoke intuitive knowing and empathy to guide creating artwork that helps me move towards  acceptance of ourselves, others, and our shared humanity.

Artist Bio

June is a multidisciplinary artist. They draw inspiration for their art from the rhythm and energy of the natural world, and the perspective they’ve gained moving through this world as a non-binary femme queer Korean American who grew up in rural Idaho. Their professional experience and education in UX, graphic design, engineering, and teaching all contribute to their approach to art as an ever evolving learning process. Her early education in music, theater, and dance are also sources for inspiration.

They’re currently one of the first Artist in Residence at the Scalehouse Gallery in the Patricia Clark Studio in Bend, OR.

They hope their flavor of “just being” encourages others to acknowledge and celebrate the multitude of identities we each hold. None of us wants to be boxed into stereotypes that don’t fit. They currently live in Bend, OR with their husband Chris and rambunctious rescue dog Leche. The trio can be found wandering around the trails, lakes, and rivers in the surrounding area.