This show can be viewed at the Cindy and Duncan Campbell Gallery located inside the Sisters Art Works Building, 204 W. Adams Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759.

Courtney Parker
December 14 – February 17, 2023

Courtney parker, john wayne
About the ARTIST
“Creating pencil portraits is a passion for me. Working with clients throughout the years and doing commissioned portraits has been so rewarding. I love to see their faces when I’m able to hand deliver a finished drawing. That to me has always meant so much more than any monetary gain. I enjoy the connections I make with those who I do portraits for. I’ve met so many wonderful people through my artwork.
I’ve only recently begun to dabble in other mediums such as pastels and watercolors. I also do colored pencil portraits from time to time. I work from photographs. When I begin a portrait I tend to start with the eyes. If I can get the eyes accurate I find that the rest of the drawing falls into place. There’s something special about a blank paper or canvas. The outcome of the art is unknown and that’s exciting and beautiful. 

For this gallery showing, I’ve put together a collection of western themed artwork.”
Courtney Parker, cowboy boot