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We’re committed to your privacy
You may have noticed we don’t have any banner ads or pop-ups trying to get you to buy some spurious junk or go to somebody else’s website.

That’s because everything we do is funded through sponsorships, grants, and the folks who come out to experience great music and art in Sisters Country, year after year.

All information sent to us through our online forms is anonymous, unless you provide contact information or are filling out a contact form.

We do keep information in our database, however.

When you contact Sisters Folk Festival, Inc. by phone, letter or email, we log that information to better serve the folks that really want what we have to offer.

Basically what that means is this: you’ll be put on our email list (unless and until you tell us otherwise).

We will never (ever) sell, loan, or even show your data to any third party. Period.

What information do we keep?
(say the word, and we won’t keep any at all)
Your name
Your phone number
Your email address
Your mailing address
Your relationship to SFF

What do we use the information for?
We strive to know our community, wherever and whoever they are; sponsors, patrons, volunteers and passers-by.

Unless you tell us otherwise, you’ll get emails from us about Sisters Folk Festival events throughout the year.

That’s pretty much it.