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Beth Wood

Beth Wood

Beth Wood is a modern-day troubadour and believer in the power of song.

About Beth Wood

Her exceptional musicianship, crafty songwriting, and commanding stage presence have been winning over American audiences for eighteen years. Beth’s music is soulful, organic, intelligent, barefoot, high-energy communication of joy.

Picture a home-body with an ever-present wanderlust, an introvert with a passion for performing, a creative free-spirit with enough discipline to rework her dream year after year, calloused little hands and a big pile of curly hair…and you’ve got Beth Wood.

Beth Wood began her musical journey in Lubbock, a high plains Texas town with a uniquely rich musical heritage that includes Buddy Holly, Natalie and Lloyd Maines, Mac Davis, and Joe Ely to name a few. When she wasn’t dodging tornadoes and dust storms, Beth was studying classical piano, violin, harp, and voice and contemplating the greatness of her Dad’s record collection. With big dreams of becoming a musician, Beth left west Texas to study voice and piano at Brevard College in North Carolina. A detour from her classical studies led her to Austin, where she picked up a degree in literature and a guitar. Beth began writing her own songs and quickly discovered a feeling of musical freedom that she has been hooked on ever since. Eighteen years, thousands of shows, nine albums, three cars, and numerous awards later, Beth has never looked back.

Reviews of Beth Wood

The term “recording artist” has become somewhat devalued in an era where any singer/songwriter with garageband, a little gumption, a couple hundred bucks and a cdbaby account can get their music heard. But it’s one thing to be heard, and quite another to be noticed. So when you come across a recording like Beth Wood’s “The Weather Inside” you take note and recognize that this is the work of a genuine artist with a remarkable voice determined to make meaningful and lasting art. The West Texas native has been doing just that since her 1996 debut album Woodwork, proving that the vaunted Lubbock musical genius gene isn’t just an XY chromosome kinda thing. Of course, the degree in literature from the University of Texas in Austin also has served her well.  – Lonestar Music Magazine

“A woman with the heart of songcraft in her blood and the exceptional musicianship to back it up.” – The Corvallis Advocate

“A superb singer/songwriter whose versatility discourages labeling.” – Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Acoustic singer/songwriter Beth Wood has a mix of stylistic distinction and classy restraint, exuding a natural vocal flair without getting into any of that dramatic eye-squint/pinching-the-air business. Her voice delicately curls over into itself, like shaving soft wood off a long, massive plane.” – Atlanta Creative Loafing

“Lord have mercy…Wood is a down-home, old-fashioned girl with a wicked streak.” –

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