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Justin Farren

“Justin was raised on the outskirts of Sacramento. Riding bikes up dirt hills with his brother and the neighbor kids. He was always a person of intense focus, I call it his master focus.”

About Justin Farren

“The story goes that he learned to read at three, and ride a motorized dirt bike at four. But legends are common in his family, from grand larcenist to circus performer ancestors and a solo pilot grandma.

Justin was the lead shot putter at his school, and had a perfect basketball shot. He loved sports, football, soccer, basketball, and hoped to play professionally one day. Then, there was a bend in the road when his brother decided they should start a band. Justin got a bass and his brother a guitar. They bought a book of basic chords, and Justin switched lanes. His master focus shifted from sports to songs and, since then, songs have been what mattered most. He learned albums by ear from start to finish, it was the real beginning of ‘doing it yourself’ for what became a do it yourself man.

At 15, he bought Yellow, the truck of his life.  He rebuilt the engine, twice. (The first time it burst into flames.) This is just one example of how he became an independent, stable person well before his peers. In truth, Justin seems to be aging in reverse, younger and  younger as the years pass. He is way more likely to toilet paper a house now than he ever was as a kid.

Justin wanted to record albums, so he became a recording engineer. Justin wanted his own house, so he built it from the ground up. Justin wanted to work for himself, so he took his house building knowledge and became a handyman extraordinaire. Really, he’s like what many of us may think of our grandparents: Intense, hard working, autonomous, highly skilled in their pursuits.

Which leads us back to songwriting. I would throw up if I tried to write a Justin Farren song. He looks at a song in such a multidimensional way, but the end result is enchanting, and feels effortless. Justin plays a cheap guitar, But is often asked about its tone.  I think the sound they hear is in his playing. I can only barely explain what he’s doing, a combination of unboxed fluidity, and muted space when it serves.

Justin lives a humble life in small house in the most  working class part of town. Still driving old Yellow, and wearing mostly previously owned clothes. He lives abundantly, he eats real food, and plays music with his favorite people. He would say he’s a lucky guy, but I think we are the lucky guys to have him around. Maybe I’m biased, I married him.”
Kerry Farren   

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…A Whoop Ass Songwriter” -David Wilcox

Kerrville Songwriting Competition 2016
Wildflower arts and Music Festival “People’s Choice” award 2016
Planet BlueGrass Rocky Mountain Folks Fest 2nd place 2013

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