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Melody Youngblood

With a voice that transcends, Melody’s songwriting takes you to a time reminiscent of the greatest musicians. She has a charge in her that is powerful enough to dig deep into that well.

About Melody Youngblood

When you are a witness – you know – she is here to stay. Born in Oregon she went on a journey to find her shady grove, landing in Kentucky – she has found it. She lives simply in the foothills of Appalachia writing music and raising her son River. She carries with her a story of American Roots. There are strong women living in them hills and hollers. Melody has a deep respect for those that came before her, and carries this traditional torch. Hands full of earth and heart full of fire she is on a long envisioned quest. Listening to Sweet Isolation is an invitation into the beginning of what will be a lifetime of music. You can expect to be hearing a lot from Melody in the coming decades.

Melody is an alumni of the Americana Project. Alumni of the Americana Project, the educational outreach program of Sisters Folk Festival, will perform at the Fir Street Park stage. The Americana Project has been in the Sisters Schools since 2000, and thousands of students have learned to play guitar, write songs, perform and record as well as be great community ambassadors for music and community engagement.

Former and current Sisters students will not only perform, they provide sound engineering, venue management and share pertinent information about the Americana Project with patrons. SFF Americana Project alumni, many of which are professional musicians, will perform alongside Festival artists Saturday of the Festival. This is a testament to the quality of programming SFF delivers in the Sisters schools and it’s deep, enduring commitment to music and arts education as a non-profit organization. Read more about the Americana Project.