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Michalis Patterson Trio

“I began my voyage into music when I was ten years old and it has consumed my life.”

About Michalis Patterson Trio

“After graduating high school at 17, I moved to New Zealand to teach music on the North Island and played shows around Palmerston North and Wellington. Upon arriving back to the states I have performed around Oregon, California and Washington.

After returning from playing some shows in Seattle I had a calling to travel to Italy and decided to bring my music to Europe in 2015. Performing around Rome, Genova, and La Spezia. Eventually I made my way down to Sicilia and played a tour in Siracusa.

Upon returning home I went to work with Creativefire Studios and RobDawg Studios to create an album of my original music. After several months of hard work with incredibly talented musicians we completed the album and beganour  ‘Lost Yet Found’ 2016 European and Middle Eastern Tour.

The Lost Yet Found Tour began in September of 2016 in Sicily, Italy. Playing shows around Siracusa and Ortigia in clubs, theaters and cultural centers. In October of 2016 I was flown for an Octoberfest event in the United Kingdom, where I played a seven-day festival in Kenilworth, England. Afterwards, I returned to Sicily to complete one last show before moving on to Romania and the Middle East. It was in the Middle East that I focused on the message behind my tour, folk & faith, playing shows each week for nearly 3 months in Israel. I spent my time in Jordan playing shows for the local Bedouins of Wadi Rum and Petra including music, empowerment and motivational speaking.

My dream in life has always been to inspire, to change lives one person, one city, one country at a time. To me this is the most personal and meaningful love I can give to my audience and fans. It has been such a blessing to tour these past several years and continue to share my passion with my brothers and sisters of the world. Thank you for your support and motivation to keep pursuing my dream.”

Michalis Patterson is an alumni of the Americana Project.

Alumni of the Americana Project, the educational outreach program of Sisters Folk Festival, will perform at the Fir Street Park stage. The Americana Project has been in the Sisters Schools since 2000, and thousands of students have learned to play guitar, write songs, perform and record as well as be great community ambassadors for music and community engagement.

Former and current Sisters students will not only will perform, they provide sound engineering, venue management and share pertinent information about the Americana Project with patrons. SFF Americana Project alumni, many of whom are professional musicians, will perform alongside Festival artists Saturday of the Festival. This is a testament to the quality of programming SFF delivers in the Sisters schools and it’s deep, enduring commitment to music and arts education as a non-profit organization. Read more about the Americana Project.