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The Human Hands

The Human Hands

Born out of many months of heavy touring, sleep deprivation, and creative excess, the music is part journey through the underworld and part midnight revelry.

About The Human Hands

The Human Hands are a collective of young, virtuoso acoustic musicians based in New York City who have developed a cultish following and a reputation for mind-bending sets of high-energy, improvised music. Led by composer, accordionist, and pianist Sam Reider, they are currently working on his debut record, “Too Hot To Sleep.”

Reviews of The Human Hands

“This band is tight, and swings, and is creating a new sound that makes me think that this might be a lot like what it would have sounded like if Django had lived to make that final trip to the states and spend time mind-melding with Les Paul and creating swing music.”


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Brooklyn, New York

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Saturday, Sep 9th