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The East Pointers

Here’s a fun fact about traditional music: it’s not always old even when it sounds like something lifted straight from a vintage ceilidh. For proof, witness The East Pointers – or more specifically, Secret Victory, their exhilarating debut full-length album.

About The East Pointers

The East Pointers are three young men whose talent and penchant for traditional Celtic tunes of decades past greatly belie their respective ages. And while each member of the freshly formed trio – banjoist Koady Chaisson, fiddle player Tim Chaisson, and guitarist Jake Charron – is an accomplished musician in his own right, their recent union is a testament to their shared output being, to borrow a common adage, greater than the sum of its parts.

The East Pointers’ released their self-titled EP in October 2014. This 6-song collection carries a diverse mix of influences with an undeniable ability to get hands clapping, feet stomping, and bodies of all ages bouncing in harmony.

The cousins Chaisson hail from Prince Edward Island, Canada, part of the sixth generation of a heralded legacy of fiddlers and folk musicians. Tim tours the world as a performer/songwriter with a pop and country-tinged take on contemporary folk, with Koady often at his side or supporting other touring trad acts with his banjo, bass, and six-string. Jake, on the other hand, is based in Ontario and has played guitar and piano alongside a laundry list of award-winning performers from around the globe.

When Jake would visit PEI with any of his collaborators or the Chaissons were passing through Ontario on tour, a late-night kitchen party was sure to follow – fiddles and friends, guitars and Guinness, banjos and bad jokes. As their trunk of traditional and original tunes – some with an Irish influence, some Scottish, others rooted in the Maritimes – started to fill up, the trio realized it was time to put some to tape and take them on the road.

Since releasing their self-titled EP, The East Pointers have toured Ontario and the Maritimes and toured Australia which included a stop at the legendary Woodford Folk Festival where they were “the new hit of the Festival”.

Whether they’re carving up a living room, local pub, or summer festival, or you’re two-stepping to tracks from their EP, The East Pointers are sure to put a smile on your face and a jig in your step.

Reviews of The East Pointers

The East Pointers are a trio from Prince Edward Island, on Canada’s east coast, who mix stomping rhythms and virtuoso instrumental work. Fiddler Tim Chaisson and his banjo-playing cousin, Koady Chaisson, come from a family who have been musicians for seven generations. The duo are remarkable for writing songs that rework their Scottish and Irish influences, and they specialise in instrumentals that sound like tuneful Celtic standards, with banjo and fiddle both taking the lead. It’s all driven on by DIY foot percussion and backing from Jake Charron, who has two pick-ups on his guitar which allow him to provide both rhythm and bass lines. The tunes are interspersed with just three songs, which are well sung but less distinctive, and switch from laid-back folk-pop to the wistful country-edged Last Blank Page. No matter. They deserve to be one of the festival successes of 2016.”

– Robin Denselow, The Guardian

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