RV Camping at SFF 2020

The City of Sisters has enlisted the help of Sisters Folk Festival in communicating long-standing city policies prohibiting overnight camping on city streets in the downtown area. This is a significant change to the practice that some festival patrons are used to, and in an effort to make everyone’s experience at Sisters Folk Festival the very best, we are sharing the information below so that patrons can plan in advance.

Overnight camping is not allowed on city property, including parks and the “right-of-way” – defined as the space between the street and property line, often seen around Sisters as the gravel shoulders where a sidewalk may be built. Over the years, these spots in the right-of-way have been tempting locations to park a trailer or RV for the weekend. The city has indicated that they may ticket any vehicles with persons camping in these right-of-way zones. Specific signed RV parking spots exist around town, but overnight camping inside the parked vehicle is prohibited.

Similarly, parking and RV camping violations on vacant lots around Sisters will be strictly enforced by the City of Sisters during the festival. If you do not have permission from a property owner to park or camp, you do so at the risk of being ticketed.

Please read the following document written by the City about overnight camping: RV Parking & Camping in the City of Sisters FAQ

In response, Sisters Folk Festival is working with local partners to arrange for  overnight RV camping near the festival site. Fees will be charged to cover necessary permits and administration of this alternative location. More information coming soon!