Invest in the Arts


Sisters Folk Festival Inc. programs have touched the lives of thousands of children. Your donations help fund Americana Project classes, art instruction and scholarships. SFF events bring world-class entertainment to Central Oregon, invigorating the local economy and expanding cultural offerings in Sisters.

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SFF invests your donation and profits from our events in the local community with year-round cultural events and classes
  • Dollars donated to Sisters School District
  • Dollars given as scholarships for both music and art seniors
  • The operation of the Americana Project music and art classes in all three schools
  • Americana Project Community Luthier program
  • Song Academy for Youth
  • Special class mentoring sessions from music and art professionals
  • Recording Engineering mentoring with the completion of a CD representing each year of the music project
  • Teaching music students to perform live as solo artists or play as a band

Your tax-deductible donation provides:
  • Operating Support
  • Scholarships (K-12)
  • Americana Project Programs & Classes
  • Cultural Events

Invest in Oregon Culture!

Match your donation to Sisters Folk Festival, Inc. with a gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust and get 100% of your gift to the Cultural Trust back as a tax credit.  Sounds too good to be true, but it is!

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