The heart and soul of the Sisters Folk Festival organization is the dedicated army of volunteers who make everything we do possible. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

We’re working on what our volunteer needs/expectations for the 2021 season will entail. The goal is to bring safe, live music and programming to Sisters this summer/fall season. Thanks in advance for your patience and flexibility as we navigate this ever-evolving time of living during a pandemic.

In the meantime keep these things in mind:

  • Volunteers will undoubtedly need to comply with a variety of safety measures such as, mask wearing, distancing, and superb hand hygiene. Various measures may depend on current Oregon Health Authority regulations & SFF Volunteer Requirements at the time of event or program.
  •  Similar to our first Close to Home Concert in August 2020, we expect we’ll have a strict occupancy requirement to adhere to. So volunteers will only be permitted in the venue on the day they are volunteering. This is unlike a usual Sisters Folk Festival where you commit to working x amount hours which grants you access to venues outside of your volunteer commitments.

Steps to becoming a volunteer: 

  1. Create an account through Volunteer Impact if you don’t already have one (this account is permanent for current and future volunteer opportunities)- Did you sign up to volunteer last year, year before, the year before that?  If so, then you already have an account, username and password. Sign in and make sure you can access your account.

    – If you’re a couple, each person needs their own account, so please create a separate account with a unique email for each of you.
  2. Receive email announcements on when volunteer sign up’s begin, details on roles, and important dates.


or call
Kate Kittell
541-549-4979, ext. 4